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An Oak Glen German Shepherd is Like No Other..

We are excited that you are thinking about purchasing one of our amazing German Shepherd pups! It is a huge commitment that should not be taken lightly, as these pups will be family members for years to come. German Shepherds bond quickly, are highly trainable and require someone who is willing to give them plenty of love with lots of play time. Our pups are handled daily from the moment they are born. We expose them to everything from chickens, horses, vacuum cleaners, car rides,cats, small dogs,and children so they are very confident and happy pups when they leave us and go home to start their new life with you  . Our German Shepherd puppies for sale are also 90% trained at 8 weeks to go outside to eliminate.

  Picking out Your New Puppy

When choosing a pup they all look alike, and have few identifying markings until 2 weeks. Eyes open at 12-14 days and ears open at 18-21 days. We often have several clients on a waiting list that missed out on the previous litter. All puppy purchases are based on a first come first served basis. Waiting list clients are notified prior to everyone else, and set up the in person pick out appointment. The puppy will be held once a deposit is received.Picks are in order that deposit was recieved for each gender of puppy(male or female) For the puppy deposit, we accept Cash,Zelle,Apple Pay or personal check. 

  ~Important Puppy Purchase information is listed below~

We Give our puppies THE BEST VACCINES AVAILABLE for THE BEST PROTECTION They can have from dangerous viruses.However because they are still young and with an immature immune system there is always a chance,even though small that they can become infected.WE ADVISE IT IS SAFEST FOR YOUNG PUPPIES NOT TO VISIT PLACES WHERE THERE ARE ALOT OF DOGS LIKE DOG PARKS,PUBLIC TRAINING FACILITES ETC.WE CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE IF YOUR DOG CONTRACTS PARVO DUE TO EXPOSURE AFTER 7 DAYS OF LEAVING OUR PREMISES.

PRICES - AKC Pet Registration application package is offered for $2000/both females and males.Pick of the litter puppies(both males and females)mahogany reds and longcoats are available for $2500-$2800.All puppies are guaranteed free of PARVOVIRUS for 7 days from PURCHASE(Sale) DATE. They will need additional vaccine boosters after you bring them home. WE RECOMMEND KEEPING YOUR PUPPY AT HOME until age 4 MONTHS(or once puppy has recieved AT LEAST 3 Parvo boosters with the exception of his/her vet visits.Puppies generally reach full immunity to Parvovirus  at the time of their fourth round of shots.
Puppies are dewormed at 2-4-6-8 weeks.Additional dewormings may be necessary until puppies reach age 5 months as well.A Vaccine/Deworming record is kept with each puppy and provided
to you when your puppy goes home.
We recommend keeping your new puppy on the brand of puppy food we have started him or her on(we have small bags for sale for your convenience).

AKC Registration- All puppies will receive either an AKC Litter Certificate or AKC Registration. Upon leaving Oak Glen Kennels, puppies purchased with AKC will be sent home with their puppies' AKC registration form or if not yet available will be mailed out to you as soon as we recieve them. We also sometimes have German Shepherd puppies for sale out of stud services(lending of our males to outside females(we do not own or sometimes co own) puppies are sold as companion animals only unless otherwise specified.

Hip Guarantee- All puppies come with our German Shepherd breeders 2 year hip guarantee. All of our breeding dogs have generations of excellent hips in their pedigrees. However recent studies are showing that good hip health also depends on a proper diet,moderate exercise and avoiding early spay/neuter of your German Shepherd.Our 2 year guarantee(from the date of sale) also covers any genetic issue.We strive to produce the healthiest dogs possible.

  Transport for your pup

We do offer home meet and greet/ground transport for a fee of $125-$250 depending on distance(We cover all of San Bernardino County to Los Angeles) with deposit once puppies are 8 weeks of age.For younger puppies we show at our location by appointment only 7 days/week from 10:00am to 9:00pm .Same day appointments are usually possible but not guaranteed.

Our Local airports are: 
Ontario International(ONT) or Los Angeles International(LAX). Cost for flight(including health certificate and crate) can range from $500-$750 depending on the weight of the dog and the airline we use.
If you are having your puppy shipped additional items are required for your pup. Your puppy will need to be sent off in a medium crate water/food bowls and bag of dry food at no charge. 

If shipping by air your puppy will need a USDA health certificate and additional immunizations(required by law). All of this is included in the price of Flight transport.Oak Glen Kennels will handle all flight arrangements and vet visit/booking etc.

Myths And Truth About Hip Dysplasia
​Hearing so many concerns over the issue of hip dysplasia in the German Shepherd breed over the two decades I spent raising and working with this magnificent breed has bought me to address and clarify(by my research of bloodlines and with help of some very knowledgeable veterinarians and world class breeders of the GSD)I would like to share some important facts...

Myth #1
All sloped and angulated GSDs will be prone to hip issues.Straight backed Shepherds are the type that are dysplasia free.
Conformation has nothing to do with the way the hip forms in the socket.It is actually the sloped West German Showline bloodlines that are most thouroughly screened (A stamped)in Germany to keep producing healthy strong hips and elbows.

​Myth #2
Hip Dysplasia is always Genetically caused.
​The bulk of the hip dysplasia disorder is genetic. However, environmental factors can play a role in the development and severity of hip dysplasia. Improper nutrition, trauma, and abnormal growth during the time the bones are developing are factors that can contribute to the development of hip dysplasia. The higher the genetic load (having a higher number of defective genes) within a dog, the less environmental factors are needed to result in the formation of hip dysplasia. The lower the genetic load, the greater environmental factors the dog can handle. 
Early spay/neuter(under age 1)has recently been link to cases of severe hip dysplasia.The hormones produced during growth are crucial to proper joint formation.

Myth #3
All German Shepherds have bad hips/Will get hip dysplasia as they age.
If anyone owns a German Shepherd, they will undoubtedly hear this statement from other people who know little about the breed (or who think they know a lot about GSDs because they had one, once). People often witness the angulation of the rear legs and the motion of their walk, and assume that the dog has hip dysplasia, even when the dog does not. This is “verified” by many of the overbred American and German show line dogs, who may have such severe angulation that it creates a very odd “frog-like” walk. This is created by the change in the length of the stifle and the positioning of the croup, not necessarily by the morphology of the hip joint itself. These dogs may still show normal hips via x-ray, and in fact many of them do have “a” normal hips. But the difference in their structure and the way they move has created this myth that “all GSDs have bad hips.”

German Shepherd Dogs will not suddenly “develop” hip dysplasia as they age. They may get arthritis in their hips or in the lumbosacral region of the spine, but this is not to be confused with dysplasia (malformation of the actual hip joint). Many people believe their dogs have “good hips” (not verified by x-ray), when they may actually have mild or moderate dysplasia that starts revealing itself as the dog hits six, seven, or eight years of age. The laxity of the hip joint and the improper fit of the ball and socket have created arthritic changes that now are manifested as pain, stiffness, and uneven muscle development as the dog alters its gait to protect the most painful joint. Arthritis develops over time, until it finally is painful enough for the dog to show it. Thus, the arthritic changes began years ago, created by the poor morphology of the hip and the excessive laxity (looseness) that has allowed the bones to bump and grind and move excessively. But since this does not show until the dog ages, the belief becomes that the dog “developed bad hips in old age”. In reality, the dog has always had bad hips, but is just now showing it. A dog with good, tight hips will age better with much less arthritis overall; there are many GSDs with good hips who are still running and jumping and even working well into their golden years!

The truth of the matter is that anyone wishing to breed their dog should x-ray both hips and elbows first and certify them with OFA or the SV, to conclusively prove that their dog is free of hip and elbow dysplasia. And puppy buyers should ensure that their potential breeder has valid hip and elbow certificates for their dogs. Hip ratings can be checked on the OFA database; if a breeder’s dogs do not show up in the database, ask to see proof of valid hip ratings.

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