​When you acquire a puppy from Oak Glen German Shepherds, you can rest assured that we are trustworthy AKC certified breeders. With years of experience, we have a passion and love for German Shepherd dogs. All of our puppies come strictly from the best German Import bloodlines. We offer a written health guarantee with every puppy and we are here to help with any advice you may like from us for the life of your dog. That is our promise to you.

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We use and recommend NuVet For your pet.Nuvet is the best thing you can do for your pet. Use code # 28283 when ordering.Click on the image below to order.
100% German Import Bloodlines.. In my breeding program the focus is on stable temperament,striking good looks,and good health in a loving and protective family companion.
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All of our puppies come with 2 year written guarantee covering all genetic issues including hip dysplasia
All of our breeding dogs are x- rayed at age 1 and/or OFA Certified at age 2 to insure our lines are free of crippling hip dysplasia.

Parvovirus Vaccine – Modified Live Virus


Core Disease Protection
Induces protection against the most lethal and prevalent viral disease of dogs, canine parvovirus
Maximum Protection
Contains a High Antigen Mass (more vaccine units per dose) which results in:
Short period from vaccination to protection
Higher level of protection (many times greater than the level needed for basic protection)
Long duration of immunity
Early Age Protection
Stimulates antibody production in the presence of existing maternal antibodies
First Dose Protection
Antibody production begins after the first dose. Other canine parvovirus vaccines require two or three doses to stimulate an initial antibody response.
Single Antigen Vaccine
Eliminates the need to use complex combination adult vaccines (commonly referred to as 5-way vaccines) in the young puppy
More efficient in stimulating antibody production than complex combination vaccines
Found to be safe for use in young puppies
Less likely to produce a vaccine reaction than complex combination vaccines
Convenient Packaging
Packaged in a 10 dose vial or a carton of 25 single dose vials of vaccine
We begin Vaccinating All Puppies at 5 weeks of age with Neopar..Proven to be the most effective vaccine against the most common and deadly canine virus, Parvovirus.Neopar overrides the mother's antibodies  insure solid protection against Parvo.
An American Kennel Club(AKC)Inspected and Approved  Family Home Breeders Of Quality German Shepherd Dogs

"Many vets are not familiar with Neopar. It is a parvo only vaccination that is used my many (esp larger scale )breeders or those who have had a Parvo issue in the past. This is one of the only Parvo vaccinations that will override moms antibodies. Actually a very good Parvo vaccination esp where there is very high risk. I see nothing wrong with the way the breeder has chosen to vaccinate. The pup is in no way over vaccinated at this point and I feel the breeder has done a good job by separating the vaccinations rather than overloading the pups system. "                                                                                                                             

Coley,Vet Tech/Breeder
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